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Whether building partners in construction or building components and materials, or brand ambassador partnerships, we only chose companies and products that we use and that we believe in and can speak with integrity about. 
No compromise.  Simply the best in every category.  You deserve it.  


We love the outdoors.  Whether it is skiing, hiking, exploring, or just simply taking a walk.  That is one of the main reasons we decided to adopt this lifestyle.  Adventure into nature.  Well, having the right clothing and equipment makes all the difference, and we are super stoked to be working with Haglöfs.  Not only are they a premier brand with a lot of history, they are climate neutral.  From hiking boots, to the layers, back packs, pants, and jackets, they keep us dry and warm always.  And with their Less Is More (L.I.M) series, not only is the name fitting to our small foot print lifestyle, it is super light weight and comfortable.   

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 08.53.34.png

Tiny Wood Stove

A wood stove in any home adds warmth and comfort. Finding one for a small space that also have options for cooking, uses outside air inlets, and has been proven in hundreds of movable installs was not easy. 

Tiny Wood stove is a family owned business with passionate employees that all are also users.  The product is excellent and their product support is second to none.



Continuing talking about warmth, nothing is better than radiant heat coming from the floors.   This is particularly true in RV structures which are elevated above the ground.  WarmlYours provides a number of different products depending on the flooring materials selected and their temperature controls can be integrated into the home automation system.    

We are proud to work with the team at WarmlyYours to ensure your comfort.

GPTempDownload 4.JPG


Smooth driving and stopping power is essential for any trailer you drive down the road.  An independent suspension, disc brakes all around, and a cushioned pin box are all part of the foundation we build our Travel Home on.   MORryde is the undisputed leader, continuously innovating in the space, and they have a customer service mindset second to none.   We are proud to partner with them as we give you peace of mind.



A game changer and a key differentiator in our Custom Travel Homes is the opportunity to bring the outside in using bifold window door units.  These bring in tremendous natural light and are often seen in the most luxurious modern traditional homes.  Combined with a deck, they can literally double the usable space. Sunflex, available with triple pane and custom made to our specifications, are the only manufacturer who stand behind their product in a Travel Home with a full warranty.


RVH Lifestyles

Deciding on your tow vehicle, especially when you are pulling a 20,000+ lb house around, can be daunting.  With lighter smaller homes, a 1 ton truck can be an option.  However in our case and when we did our research, it was clear that the go to resource was RVH and the vehicle choice was a Heavy Duty Tow (HDT) truck.  Their team members have been full timers for 20+ years and they will gladly share their experiences of what works and what does not.  They will also custom build you the right rig for your needs, whether it is a full conversion, or some tweaks and updates, and whether you choose new or a used truck.  We are happy to help you decide what is the best option for you.

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