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Designing and building a Custom Luxury Home - purpose built for the road

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Designing for Uncompromised Life on the Road™️

In our designs we focus on creating a en environment that feels like home.  Living small or full time on the road should not mean you have to compromise. Bringing the outside in, enlarging living spaces with decks and roof top observatories, full chef kitchens, being off grid capable, are some of the components all our designs have in common. 

The design also needs to ensure that travel is safe and comfortable, that it withstands the stresses of exposing it to hurricane strength winds and earthquake like shake downs as you drive down the road.    For two years we have criss-crossed the country, performing a shakedown of what works and what can be improved.


Making a Design

Using 3-d modeling tools allows us to see and envision how all ideas will work and look like. Changes and their impact are made and can be seen immediately.   Placing actual product images in place, gives us a real look of how they would work and how they interact with each other.   Above is our prototype which we used as our proof of concept.  Our new design will be released in early fall.  Connect with us to ensure you are the first to know.

Going on the road does not mean leaving luxury behind

Why should a life on the road mean you have to give up the luxuries you are accustomed to?  And because the spaces are small, you can often afford to splurge on the materials.  We work with some of the top home products in the industry as  part of your new build.  Every inch, every ounce, and every watt counts when you design for a life on the road, and we know what to do.


Our Building Team

Uncompromising quality and ingenuity

Our building team, located in Melbourne, FL, are true craftsmen. We are so very fortunate to have Movable Roots™️, a super high end builder as our business partner.  The quality, custom design, and woodwork is simply amazing.  They bring the discipline, process, design, and execution that is required to make your dream home for living on the road a reality.

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