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About Us

Custom Travel Homes is a woman owned business specializing in the design and build of Custom Luxury Travel Homes purpose built for the road.   The ability to truly create your space without compromise opens up a whole new set of opportunities.   


Our Story

We are Julia and Robert.  Two individuals from Portugal and Sweden, who met 7 years ago and found a common desire to explore this great country.  Our children were out of the house and we were searching for where to live.


Living in a 5,000 sq ft house, we had grown accustomed to living comfortable and having amenities that centered around the things we loved, cooking and entertaining.  But we also loved the outdoors.

As we searched for what would be our new home on the road, we quickly realized that there were always compromises in whatever we chose.  Until we concluded we could build our own custom home.  


We are living proof that you can move from 5,000 square feet into something less than 300 and yet have all your comforts.   You can tour our own Custom Travel Home in the video below and you can follow along our journey in our personal instagram feed.


Traveling across the country, we now often speak at conferences, host special events, and help our partners in promoting the products we believe in. 


We are so excited to be able to help others live this dream as well and can't wait to hear from you.

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